WITH Training Pathway Design:

A learner-centred, practice-oriented, high-value and non-formal training course will be created on this output. A comprehensive set of knowledge, skills, competences, values and attitudes will be created applied to the context of tourism and hospitality in order to empower young women in SSA countries to succeed as intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners of tourism and hospitality.

WITH Capacity-Building Programme for Trainers

Will trainers and educators to build a solid knowledge basis to support young women in developing their entrepreneurial, personal and social skills as well as their technical skills on sustainable tourism and hospitality.

WITH Knowledge Networks

This phase and output will directly empower young women (18-35 years) on the topics covered by the WITH Training Pathway through the implementation of joint activities and virtual exchanges (stakeholders, including women entrepreneurs and business owners) knowledge networks through the implementation of joint activities and virtual exchanges (e.g.: online masterclasses delivered by experts and women entrepreneurs from EU and SSA countries; in person visits to local companies and businesses in SSA countries; in person meetings with women entrepreneurs and business owners in SSA countries; virtual meet-ups, virtual meetings and short virtual networking actions with businesses, women entrepreneurs and mentors in EU countries; blended labs for developing business ideas; or business ideas competitions).


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