Empowering VET Trainers for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality: WITH Project’s Capacity-Building Programme Implementation

Empowering VET Trainers for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality: WITH Project’s Capacity-Building Programme Implementation


The WITH project has reached an important milestone with the implementation of the Capacity-Building Programme for VET trainers in May 2024. The Capacity-Building aimed to equip trainers with new pedagogical methods to deliver high-quality vocational education that meets the evolving needs of the tourism and hospitality sector. It has been implemented via digital platforms and the WITH Knowledge Virtual Centre, a section hosted inside the WITH website where participants can freely access the training content at any time.

It has combined self-study with synchronous and asynchronous learning activities to provide a flexible and engaging educational experience over 4 weeks. The training materials included 10 detailed modules, presentations, mentorship sessions and interactive content tailored to the specific needs identified in previous project phases.

The Capacity Building Programme included the following topics:

  1. Personal Growth and Motivation
  2. Foundation of Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
  3. Initiative and Project Planning
  4. Online Marketing for Sustainable Tourism
  5. Financial Management for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
  6. Dealing with Uncertainty and Risk Management
  7. Effective Collaboration and Communication
  8. Digital Skills and Online Collaboration
  9. Wellbeing and Self-Care
  10. Critical Thinking and Sustainability Values

Following one of the project objectives, demand-oriented and experiential learning, the Capacity-Building has provided trainers with insights into sustainable development and sustainable tourism and hospitality, ensuring they can deliver relevant and up-to-date training to their students. The Capacity-Building also addressed gender-specific challenges by focusing on strategies that empower young women to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners.


Trainers were introduced to teaching methodologies that prioritise hands-on, practical learning experiences over theoretical instruction, fostering a more dynamic and effective learning environment. The implementation of the Capacity-Building Programme marks a pivotal step towards achieving the goals of the WITH project, empowering VET trainers with enhanced skills and knowledge, enabling a new generation of women to thrive in the tourism and hospitality industry, driving sustainable development and economic growth in the region.

About WITH

WITH is a two-year initiative dedicated to empowering women in Sub-Saharan Africa to excel in the tourism and hospitality industry. Co-funded by the European Union, the project is implemented by a consortium of European and African organisations: Seville Chamber of Commerce (Spain); INCOMA (Spain); CESIE (Italy); AWIEF (Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) (South Africa); Gift Women Link Foundation (Uganda) and Equip Consulting Group (Malawi).

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